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Sneaker Balls Odor Blocker Stitching Awl Kiwi Fresh Force Shoe Freshener Fiebing's Fresh Feet
Sneaker Balls Shoe Fresheners
Our Price: $4.99

Stitching Awl
Our Price: $14.95

Sneaker Balls shoe fresheners tackle the odors inside sneakers, gym bags, lockers, or anywhere the toughest, ugliest smells hang out. Each ball contains a fresh, clean scent and an odor blocker formulated to counteract the unpleasant odors caused by perspiration. Scent lasts for three months. Sneaker Balls also work in cars, clothes hampers, drawers, diaper bags, suitcases, or anywhere odors are a problem. 1 pair. Available in a variety of styles and colors. A Stitching Awl is ideal for sewing leather, canvas and similar materials. Comes with two diamond-pointed needles - 1 straight and 1 curved. Also includes 1 spool of 180 yards of white thread and a wrench. Kiwi Select Fresh Force Shoe Freshener controls shoe and sneaker odor. The unique, upside down applicator gives a fresh blast of deodorant from heel to toe, providing all day shoe freshness. Fast acting, works on contact. Powder fresh scent. Easy and convenient to use. Safe for use on all types of footwear. Can also be used in gym lockers and sports bags to control odor. Fiebing's Fresh Feet eliminates offensive footwear odors. Simply spray inside shoes, boots, or sneakers. Also great for lockers and gym bags.
Grip-N-Shine Shoe Holder Western Boot Jack Boot Hooks
Our Price: $8.99

Wooden Western Boot Jack
Our Price: $19.99

Plastic Western Boot Jack
Our Price: $17.99
Boot Hooks - 1 pair
Our Price: $9.99

Grip-N-Shine allows you to shine shoes without getting polish on your hands. Easily adjustable to fit most shoes. It will stretch the leather to ease buffing. Constructed of light-weight, durable plastic. The Western Boot Jack allows you to remove western boots easily. Felt pad prevents scuffing and keeps your foot from sliding. Made of solid wood. 10" long, 6" wide. Boot Jacks make it easier to remove Western boots. Ridges along the slope prevent your foot from sliding. 13" long. Boot Hooks make it easier to pull on western boots. Simply insert the hooks into the leather loop on the side of your boot and pull up. Made of solid wooden handles with metal hooks.
Toe Armor Boot Toe Saver Caps Heel and Toe Savers - Black Plastic
Toe Armor - 2 oz.
Our Price: $9.99

Boot Toe Saver Caps - 1 pair
Our Price: $8.99

Heel & Toe Savers - Clear
Our Price: $2.50

Toe Armor boot & shoe protector extends the life of boots and shoes by providing a rubberized coating to worn out areas. It's easy to apply and comes with everything you need - sandpaper to clean and roughen the area to be treated, a stir stick to mix the product before use, and a dauber to apply it to the shoes or boots. Available in Black and Brown. Boot Toe Saver Caps add life to any work boot by protecting the toe area from wear-and-tear. The boot saver is a flexible piece of sturdy synthetic material which adapts perfectly to the shape of footwear to protect the leather cap. They will not mark floors, and are resistant to cold, heat, water, friction & chemicals. The toe caps also increase protection against electrical shock, and provide improved compliance with safety standards. Package includes two Toe Caps, specially formulated glue and sandpaper. Easy to apply. One size fits all. Made in U.S.A. Available in Black, Brown and Tan. Clear Plastic Heel Toe Savers. Walk steady with these boot and shoe protectors. Made of clear polyurethane, they provide sure footing and save wear and tear on footwear. Safe for most floor surfaces. Nails included for easy installation. Six sizes accommodate all shoes. One pair. Available in Black Plastic and Steel/Metal. Heel and Toe Savers help you walk steadily, and protect your boots and shoes from wear-and-tear. Made of polyurethane. Safe for most floor surfaces. Nails included for easy installation. Six sizes accommodate all shoes. Also available in Clear Plastic and Steel/Metal.
Heel Toe Savers - Metal Baseball Glove Lacer Shoe-Goo Adhesive and Sealant - 3.7 oz. Barge All Purpose Cement - small
Baseball Glove Lace Kit
Our Price: $7.99
Shoe Goo - 3.7 oz.
Our Price: $6.99

Metal Heel and Toe Savers. Walk steady with these boot and shoe protectors. Made of steel, they provide sure footing and save wear and tear on footwear. Extra long wearing. Not recommended for hardwood floors. Nails included for easy installation. Five sizes accommodate all shoes. One pair. Also available in Clear Plastic and Black Plastic. Baseball Glove Lacer. Lace up your own baseball glove with this genuine rawhide lace. Comes complete with an easy-to-use threader. 72" length. Comes in Black, Dark Brown and Tan. Shoe Goo adhesive and sealant permanently fixes practically any shoe. Works on leather, rubber, vinyl and canvas. Stronger than glue. Can be used to seal and protect boots, reattach broken heels, and much more. Works on all types of footwear. Available in Black and Clear. Barge All Purpose Cement. Ready-to-use for rubber, wood, leather, glass, cork, metal and more. Retains flexibility and never becomes brittle. Great for shoe repair, leather goods, weather stripping, car doors, windows, replacing tiles & wall brackets and much more.
Barge All-Purpose Cement - Large 2 oz.
Metal Army Rim Horseshoe Heel Plates for Shoes & Boots. These heavy-duty heel plates are great for bikers, work boots, hiking boots, or any boots or shoes that need extra heel protection. Threaded nails included. 1 pair. Available in sizes:  9-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-13 and 13-14. Fiebing's Boot Slip-On makes it easy to put on and remove boots. Simply spray it on the inside of your boots and let dry. Barge All Purpose Cement. Ready-to-use for rubber, wood, leather, glass, cork, metal and more. Retains flexibility and never becomes brittle. Great for shoe repair, leather goods, weather stripping, car doors, windows, replacing tiles & wall brackets and much more. Moneysworth & Best Travel Shoe Bag stores your shoes, handbags, and more while traveling. Made of soft cloth to protect shoes in luggage and totes, with a draw-string closure. Holds one pair of shoes.
Penguin Shoe Goo
Our Price: $5.99

Fiebing's Boot Scrubber
Our Price: $22.99
Kelly's Professional Grade Cork Renew protects, seals and waterproofs any cork surface. The non-toxic formula seals cork bed sandals, and prevents them from cracking and flaking. Dries clear. Comes with easy-to-use brush applicator. Penguin Sneaker & Shoe Deodorizer deodorizes a wide range of porous surfaces, from leather shoes to multi-material athletic surfaces such as sneakers, mats, duffel bags and equipment. Clear Penguin Shoe Goo adhesive and sealant provides permanent repair for all leather, vinyl, rubber and canvas shoes, boots and sneakers. Secures loose soles, repairs damaged heels, and coats frayed shoelaces. Revives worn shoes. It dries to a waterproof, flexible rubber. Use it to fix waders and boots without breaking or cracking under stress. Can be used on flip-flops, cowboy boots, dress shoes, all sports shoes, flippers and much more. 3.7 oz. Available in Clear and Black. Fiebing's Boot Scrubber is perfect for cleaning shoes, boots, sneakers and any other footwear. Place it by the front or back door, or in your garage so you can scrape dirt and debris off shoes before entering your home. Great for home, farm, decks and all doorways. No more tracking dirt and mud though the house! Made of solid wood in a metal frame. Comes with hardware to secure to deck or stairs.
Shoeshine Drill Bit Kit
Our Price: $18.99
Premier Soothing Foot Powder keeps feet cool and dry. Refreshes feet, providing comfort to tired, tender feet. Regular use helps reduce foot odor. Premier Super Moleskin Soft Padding protects sore and tender areas of the foot. The soft, durable fabric is held in place by a super adhesive that is waterproof. Can be trimmed to any size and shape. Hypo-allergenic. 3 strips per package. Each strip measures 4-5/8" x 3-3/8". Shoe Gear High Country Heated Shoe and Boot Dryer gently blows warmed air into footwear for fast drying. The arms extend 8" for use on high boots. Can also be used on gloves, ice skates and ski boots. Compact, foldable design for easy storage. Adjustable timer with auto-shutdown. Won't harm footwear. Dries most shoes and boots in 1-2 hours. Quiet, durable motor. The Shoe Shine Drill Bit attaches to any cordless drill, allowing you to shine your own shoes at home, work, or anywhere. It comes with two interchangeable wool pads that easily attach to the drill bit to buff, finish, or polish shoes and boots. Each wool pad is machine washable and can be dried in a dryer. Can also be used with a cordless screwdriver. Not safe for use with an electric power drill. The three piece kit comes in a convenient tube that can be used for storage.
Shoe Shine Butler
Our Price: $94.99


Frankford Seamfree Diabetic/Circulation Dress Socks are completely seamless in the toe area to reduce the risk of irritation, and are non-restrictive with a non-ribbed top. The thin, lightweight cotton interior and nylon exterior help reduce frictional forces encountered within a shoe. Perfect for Diabetics and people with circulation issues. Available in Black or White.

Fiebing's Acrylic Resolene is a flexible, durable surface coating that protects dyed, antiqued and polished leathers. Provides a water-repellent coat to prevent water damage. Perfect for use after dying shoes, boots, etc. with Fiebing's Leather Dye. Dries to a mellow gloss. The Three Stars Electric Shoe Polisher allows you to shine and buff all types of shoes quickly and easily in the comfort of your home or office. The dual buffers allow you to polish and buff. Easy one-touch on/off control switch. Power 95 watt motor provides years of dependable service. Comfortable 31" stand-up operation. Our off the foot shoe holder is an innovative device designed to hold your shoe in place while you shine. Made of Cast Iron. Wall-Mount shoe shine holder attaches to the wall to hold shoe while polishing. An easy way to buff and shine your shoes quickly and professionally right at home. Complete set includes wall bracket with hardware, men and women last, and adjustable holder. Space saver storing folds flat against wall.
Get-A-Grip Ultra™ Everyday Traction Cleats
WALK, RUN & HIKE with CONFIDENCE on Snow and Ice!
Get-A-Grip Ultra Due North Everyday Ice Cleats are ultra versatile for all your casual, dress or athletic footwear. Excellent during re-occurring freeze cycles (especially at the end of the season
360 degree spike pattern provides more push off and lateral grip