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Caring for your favorite leather articles should be easy. There are a lot of products out there but only Kelly's is the brand trusted by professionals for use on leather since 1895.
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Kelly's Lynn Stain Polish Tin Kelly's Professional Shoe Polish Tin Kelly's Dry Cleaner Kelly's Instant Shine Spray
Kelly's Dry Cleaner - 4 oz.
Our Price: $6.99

Kelly's Lynn Stain Shoe Polish contains high-quality dyes and pigments, resulting in excellent coverage for a long-lasting, brilliant shine. Contains more dyes and pigments than the Paste Wax Shoe Polish, resulting in better coverage. Natural Carnauba Wax formula provides a high-gloss shine. Available in 4 colors:  Black, Brown, Cordovan and Tan. Kelly's Professional Shoe Polish contains water-repellent ingredients and the finest blended waxes for a long lasting, high-luster shine. Contains natural Carnauba Wax for that high-gloss shine. Trusted by shoe care specialists since 1899. Great for a military spit shine. Available in 6 colors:  Black, Brown, Mahogany, Neutral, Oxblood and Tan. Kelly's Dry Cleaner is a professional-grade spot and stain remover. Cleans soil and grease from leather and delicate fabrics. Use on shoes, boots, handbags and other accessories. Includes a handy applicator. As with all cleaning products, we recommend you apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area to test for staining or discoloration. Kelly's Instant Shine Spray instantly shines all smooth leather articles with its flexible wax finish. Great for use on any color shoes, boots, purses and more. Shines, conditions and waterproofs.
Kelly's De-Salter Kelly's Leather Dye Kelly's Suede Dye Kelly's Cobbler Heel & Sole Dressing
Kelly's De-Salter - 4 oz.
Our Price: $5.99

Kelly's De-Salter removes salt stains from shoes and boots. Safe for leather, suede and fabric shoes and boots. Salt stains can effect footwear in both snowy winter climates, and warm coastal areas. Easy-to-use, sponge-top bottle prevents mess. Use Kelly's Cobbler Leather Dye to change the color of leather shoes, boots, purses, etc, or restore color to worn, discolored leather to a bright, lustrous finish. Includes a brush for easy application. We highly recommend using Kelly's Dry Cleaner before applying the leather dye, to remove dirt and build-up on the object being dyed. Available in 6 colors: Black, Cordovan, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Navy Blue and Tan. Kelly's Cobbler Suede Dye restores worn, discolored suede to its original color and appearance. Includes a brush for easy application. Comes in 4 colors: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Navy Blue. Kelly's Cobbler Black Heel & Sole Dressing colors and waterproofs the heel and sole area on footwear, making them look like new again. Includes a handy brush for no-mess, quick-drying application. Professional grade. 4 oz. Available in Black & Brown.
Kelly's Leather Jacket Cleaner & Renovator Kelly's Dubbin Shoe Grease Tin Kelly's Heel & Sole Edge Dressing
Kelly's Leather Jacket Cleaner & Renovator preserves, strengthens, beautifies and restores natural oils to fine leather jackets. Not for use on suede. Light colored leather may darken. Kelly's Wax Free Leather Lotion for fine leathers cleans smooth, grained and glove leathers, as well as Kid, luster-calf, Lizard, Alligator, patents, vinyl, plastics and leather-like materials. Do not use on suede or napped materials. Gives leather a smooth, soft finish. Helps retard water, cracking and salt spotting. Can be used on all colors, including white. Kelly's Dubbin shoe grease waterproofs, preserves and softens all types of smooth leathers. Use on boots, shoes, and other smooth leather articles subjected to rugged outdoor use. Kelly's Heel & Sole Edge Dressing is a professional grade, dressing that is applied around the edges of the soles to give your shoes that professional finish. Also helps waterproof and protect soles and heels. Dries in only a few minutes. For smooth leathers only. 4 oz. Available in Black and Brown.
Kelly's Shoe Cream Polish
Our Price: $3.50

Kelly's Shoe Cream polishes, conditions, and re-colors leather shoes and boots. Works on finished, grained and smooth leathers. Great for covering scuffs and scrapes. Buffs to a high gloss. Made of natural waxes. 1.55 oz. Available in Black, Burgundy, Cognac, Cordovan, Dark Brown, Delicate Cream, Grey, Light Brown, London Tan, Medium Brown, Navy Blue, Neutral, Red, Red Mahogany, Tan and White. Kelly's Insta-Shine Professional Grade Shoe Sponge is specially formulated to provide a quick, no-mess shine on all smooth leather articles. May be used as often as necessary. May darken some light leathers. Great for shoes, boots, purses, briefcases and much more. Do not use on suede or napped leathers. Kelly's Professional Grade Cork Renew protects, seals and waterproofs any cork surface. The non-toxic formula seals cork bed sandals, and prevents them from cracking and flaking. Dries clear. Comes with easy-to-use brush applicator.