Shipping Charges

Shoe Care Supplies Shipping Charges to the U.S.

Merchandise totalShipping Charges
$ 0.01 - $ 9.99--------------------------------$ 4.99
$10.00 - $49.99------------------------------$ 6.99
$50.00 - $99.99------------------------------$ 9.99
$100.00 & over------------------------------$11.99



  • Love your website! Easy to find what one is looking for. Appreciate the fast service. The product was as advertised, which is becoming more rare these days.

    From Julie, Olney, MD United States
  • Used the product on three pair of golf shoes. I play early in the morning and the dew is usually heavy -- Now NO wet feet -- great product. Super fast delivery, will definitely buy again

    From David, Dandridge, TN United States
  • I was pleased by the entire experience, the prompt response to my order, the quality of the product and the followup. Rod

    From,Los Angeles, CA United States
  • Very satisfied with the products and how fast I received them. Would buy from this vendor again when needed. It was hard to find these colors for men shoes locally.

    From, Karen, Leland, NC United States
  • Package arrived very quickly and it worked great! The instructions were clear and the adjustable bunion attachment allowed me to add a little extra room for my baby toe. Very pleased with the results!

    From Josie, San Diego, CA United States
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