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  • Love your website! Easy to find what one is looking for. Appreciate the fast service. The product was as advertised, which is becoming more rare these days.

    From Julie, Olney, MD United States
  • Used the product on three pair of golf shoes. I play early in the morning and the dew is usually heavy -- Now NO wet feet -- great product. Super fast delivery, will definitely buy again

    From David, Dandridge, TN United States
  • I was pleased by the entire experience, the prompt response to my order, the quality of the product and the followup. Rod

    From,Los Angeles, CA United States
  • Very satisfied with the products and how fast I received them. Would buy from this vendor again when needed. It was hard to find these colors for men shoes locally.

    From, Karen, Leland, NC United States
  • Package arrived very quickly and it worked great! The instructions were clear and the adjustable bunion attachment allowed me to add a little extra room for my baby toe. Very pleased with the results!

    From Josie, San Diego, CA United States
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Kelly's Instant Shine Spray Sno-Seal Beeswax Waterproofing Leather Protector Snow-Proof Weatherproofing
Kelly's Dubbin
Our Price: $6.99
A leather conditioning paste to be used as a preservative for boots, shoes and other smooth leather articles subjected to rugged outdoor use. Sno-Seal Beeswax All Season Leather protection preserves and protects leather. Use it to waterproof shoes, boots, gloves and many other leather goods. Lubricates leather and protects against drying. Safe for stitching and seams. Dries scent-free. Not for use on suede or split leather. Enjoy dry feet all year.

  • Enjoy Dry Feet All Day Long
  • Lubricates & Conditions Leather Without Softening
  • Will Not Damage Seams or Welts
  • maintains Flexibility in Freezing Tempatures
  • Contains no Silicone
Snow-Proof weatherproofing helps prevent mildew, dry rot, salt stains and scuff marks. Keeps shoes and boots safe from all kinds of weather, all year round. Not recommended for suede. May darken light leathers.
Snow-Proof Mink Oil Paste - 3 oz. Huberd's Shoe Grease - 7.5 oz. Bear Leather Dressing - 3.5 oz.
Huberd's Shoe Grease - 7.5 oz.
Our Price: $12.99

Bear Leather Dressing - 3.5 oz.
Our Price: $10.99

Snow-Proof Mink Oil Paste waterproofs and conditions all smooth leather and vinyl articles. Great for shoes, boots, sporting equipment and much more. Huberd's Shoe Grease waterproofer and conditioner for leather shoes, boots, heavy work and sport footwear, and much more. The original pine tar and beeswax waterproofer and conditioner softens and preserves leather. Will not cause deterioration of threads, and won't cause undue stretching of leather. Contains no animal fats or tallow. May darken some leathers. Made in U.S.A. Bear Leather Dressing contains a premium petroleum that waterproofs, cleans and restores leather, while the waxes form a durable surface finish. Softens still leather, and returns the warm leather glow. The unique blend of petroleum and natural waxes extend the time between applications. Withstands cold, wet conditions and rugged use. Like most leather dressings, this product will darken light leathers. It will not soak completely through, so the leather will still be able to breathe, but moisture won't penetrate your feet. Great for work boots, hunting boots, hiking boots, saddles, harnesses, leather furniture, baseball gloves and leather jackets. Invented in Finland by a hunter in the 1920's, now made in the USA.
Angelus Genuine Mink Oil Paste - 7.6 oz. Angelus Genuine Mink Oil Paste -3 oz. Saphir Everest Graisse Vegetale
Angelus Genuine Mink Oil Paste waterproofs and conditions all smooth leather and vinyl articles. Great for shoes, boots, sporting equipment and much more. Mink oil has been used for years by many industries to condition and protect their leather. Helps prevent stains and extend the life of your leather. Angelus Genuine Mink Oil Paste waterproofs and conditions all smooth leather and vinyl articles. Great for shoes, boots, sporting equipment and much more. Mink oil has been used for years by many industries to condition and protect their leather. Helps prevent stains and extend the life of your leather. Comes in a 3 ounce container.

Saphir Everest Dubbin is the only 100% vegetable oil dubbin in the world. Deep nourishing grease for smooth leather, greasy leather and nubuck. 100% vegetable oil formulation will not permanently darken smooth leathers, unlike formulations with animal oils. This EVEREST Grease has built its reputation on the protection of shoes for mountain climbing and all leather articles submitted to extreme weather conditions (water, snow, dirt etc.). Due to its 100% vegetable composition it has increased softening and nourishing qualities, thanks to a complex mixture of 7 natural ingredients.

  • 100% vegetable oil formulations. No animal byproducts.
  • Conditions, nourishes, and waterproofs all smooth leathers.
  • Softens stuff leathers.
  • Made in France.
Tectron Leather Protector SAPHIR HP NEUTRAL DUBBIN 100ML SAPHIR Sport Loisir Outdoor
Tectron Beeswax Leather protector conditions and protects leather against the toughest elements. This heavy-duty formula preserves leather, restoring its natural feel and shine without over softening. This conditioner preserves leather by reacting to heat and stress allowing its formula to continue protecting items over time. Naturally resistant to dry rot and mildew and ideal for leather boots.

The neutral dubbin by Saphir HP (100ml) is specially formulated for the upkeep of oiled leather and the welt stitching on Goodyear shoes.

The High Performance neutral dubbin by Saphir (100ml) has intense nourishing properties for specific leather goods. Although it was originally made with seal oil, this dubbin now consists exclusively of salmon oil and is intended for the upkeep of very thick and strong oiled leather or nubuck. This dubbin is an excellent product for nourishing the leather of your motorcycle apparel such as Barbour jackets, or your saddlery accessories. It is the only product made to penetrate thick leather so that it stays beautiful and long-lasting. When applied to the welt area of Goodyear shoes, the dubbin prevents the wax stitching from coming apart, thus increasing the useful life of your leather shoes. We do not recommend using this dubbin grease on your smooth leather goods as it could cause the leather to slump. The versatile dubbin is neutral and can be applied to any colour of oiled leather.

The Saphir Sport Loisir outdoor leather is a leather napkin for all kinds of outdoor activities. Can be used on hiking boots and the like. Can be used on smooth leather, greased leather and greased nubuck. Keep in mind that the leather to be treated will become darker in color. Available in Black 100 ml.

SAPHIR Etalon Noir Saddle Soap Sno-Seal Beeswax Waterproofing Leather Protector
Our Price: $11.99


Saphir's Saddle Soap contains glycerin for deep cleaning of rough, oily leathers. Saddle Soap can be used to prep shoes for polishing by removing any dirt and successive layers of wax. Saphir's Saddle Soap is a little more aggressive than their Cleaning Soap. 100 ml. Made in France.

The unique formulation of Oil and Paste combines superior grade ingredients which preserve the life of all leather goods. This formulation readily absorbs into leather, rejuvenating and softening it, extending life and wearability.

Nor-V-Gen is odorless, waterproof, and allows leather to breathe. Nor-V-Gen does not contain any animal byproducts or silicone to damage stitching.