How to stretch shoes.

Your feet should not hurt! Your foot is a network of 26 bones, 29 joints and many muscles. On average, you take several thousand steps every day. So if the shoe doesn't fit, try stretching it. 
1.   Purchase a professional quality shoe stretcher. The stretchers go by shoe size and are designed for both low heel and high heel shoes, with bunion attachments.  
2.   Get a bottle of liquid shoe stretch to spray on your shoes while using the wooden shoe stretcher. It will loosen the fibers in the shoe and precvent ripping of the shoes.If your shoes are leather, you'll have greater success.  
3.  Push the stretcher into the shoe as far as it can go.

4. Turn the stretcher clockwise until it becomes snug, then turn it 2 more times.

5. Let sit for 8 hours and it should be done, if still tight, repeat the procedure again.

If your shoes are leather, you'll have greater success.  

 Purchase shoes at the end of the day, or after work or playing sports, for best fit.  
 Measure both feet, as no two feet are the same size. Purchase shoes for the larger foot.  
 Walk around the store to ensure a comfortable fit before buying, and always try on shoes with the socks or hosiery with which you will wear them.  
 Don't plan on shoes stretching with wear. If they aren't comfortable, don't buy them. 

All of the stretchers below are sold as a single stretcher. All of them will stretch a left or right shoe or boot.